This Website  tries to cover all aspects of Transformer Testing

UMA Electronics  provide solutions to make Testing Faster, Smarter and Reliable. We have a range of products which helps manufacturer boost the production with quality control. We have cost effective solutions for all customers.


Transformer testing

There are various Test required on Transformer to conform performance of Transformer.

Transformer Tests-

  1. Turns ratio test


  1. Transformer Turns Ratio Test

ATRI-3F (Automatic Turns Ratio Instrument) is use for the testing of transformers – Simpler, Faster, Accurate and Safer. It has elegant blue moon LCD display for showing Turns Ratio, HT & LT Voltages, Percentage deviation, Polarity and Excitation Current. It is used for testing of Single phase and 3-phasa transformers.

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(Updated : January 24, 2018)