ATRI-3F (Automatic Turns Ratio Instrument) is use for the testing of transformers – Simpler, Faster, Accurate and Safer. It has elegant blue moon LCD display for showing Turns Ratio, HT & LT Voltages, Percentage deviation, Polarity and Excitation Current. It is used for testing of Single phase and 3-phasa transformers.

User Interface Guide


  1. Blue moon 16X2 LCD Display
  2. Sensing and Excitation Terminal for LT Voltage
  3. Sensing Terminal for HT Voltage
  4. Phase Selector Knob.
  5. ON/OFF Switch for applying test voltage
  6. Auxiliary ON /OFF Switch
  7. 4X4 Keypad
  8. Flash Drive/ Pen drive Port for data backup

Download Catalog of ATRI-3F. 



Description of ATRI-3F


Model : ATRI-3F

Range : 2.00 to 200.0

Accuracy : class 0.1

Application : Ideal for transformer and motor winding ratio measurement

Auxilliary Power : 230V +/- 20%

Principle : Measures and displays Transformer Turns Ratio by using voltage ratio method.
Applying Test Voltage to the Low Voltage winding of a transformer and accurately measures
the resulting voltage from the High Voltage winding. As per ANSI/IEEE C57.12.90

Standard Accessories: 10 meter long wire for three phase connection on LT and HT sides.

Dimension : 131(H) by 280(W) by 230(depth)

Excitation : 1.8V , 100.0Hz, sine wave. Max.500mA

Fully Automated measurement of Turns Ratio,

Excitation current, LT voltage, HT Voltage and polarity
Three Phase Connection enables faster testing

Internal Memory for 500 Transformers tests, Flash Drive Interface for  Virtual Unlimited Tests.

Test voltage is applied by 'PUSH to ON' switch, thus allowing safety of personnel during connection/disconnection

(Updated : January 24, 2018)