ATRI-3F Features

ATRI-3F (Automatic Turns Ratio Instrument/Flash) is used for Transformer Turns Ratio Measurement.

It has Internal Memory to store test data with Date & Time Stamp.

Internal memory saves results of upto 500 transformers testing data.

ATRI-3F Catalog

You can also use Flash Drive port (Thumb Drive or Pen Drive) to download all the test data to the Flash Drive.

Features: –

ATRI-3F has Internal memory with pendrive interface . Buttons are clearly defined the function.



Some of the Button Functions :

A. Ratio button:-  Shows Ratio. Also shows Calculated Ratio and Deviation.

B. V/I button:- Shows the Excitation Voltage and current on LT side and the HT voltage.

C. WRITE button:- Saves all the transformer data to Flash Drive.

D. Si.No:- You can edit the Serial Number of Transformer being tested.

E. CR:-  Shows and edit the Calculated Ratio (can be edited by user before testing starts).

F. RECALL:- The Saved data (upto 500) can be seen on the ATRI-3F display.

G. HELP:-  Context Sensitive Help

H. HOLD:-  Holds the data.

I. SAVE:-  Saves the present data to : 1) Onboard Memory  2) Flash Drive if available.

Display Features:-

1. Pressing Save button:

By pressing "SAVE" button, current data with serial no will save in ATRI-3F Onboard (Internal Memory).

It also saves on Flash Memory if the user has inserted Pen-drive in device.


2- Recalling previous data on ATRI-3F. By pressing the RECALL button:

User can recall the previous data on ATRI-3F by pressing "RECALL" button.

Si. No can be changed using "UP/DOWN" button then press "ENTER".


3. Pressing "ENTER provides all detailed data on the dsiplay for quick review.



4.  Save data to pendrive

User can save current/ onboard data to pendrive by pressing "WRITE" button.

User can either present test or take backup data of all tests saved on of internal memory.

FAQs :

1- I Want to change Serial No of transformer being tested.

Ans : To change the serial no press Si.No. Then press "ENTER". Now you can insert the new serial no using keypad. To save press again "ENTER".


2- What is CR? How to change it?

Ans : CR is calculated ratio. It is the target truns ratio which is defined by user.

To change CR press "CR" button then press "ENTER" button. Now you can enter the CR of the transformer being tested.


3- How to save present test data to the Flash Drive/ Pen Drive ?

Ans : To save present test press"SAVE" button. It will save the test data to the onboard memory and Flash Drive/ Pen drive if inserted to the pendrive port.


4- I want to take backup from onboard memory to pendrive.

Ans : Pressing "WRITE" button will save all data from onboard memory to Flash Drive/Pen Drive.


5- I want to view test results of previous tarnsformer.

Ans : To view previous test results you can press "RECALL" button. Then by pressing UP/DOWN button you can choose the serial no.. Then press "ENTER" button to view test data.

(Updated : January 24, 2018)