Save and Recall Function

Save and Recalling Feature details in ATRI-3F

ATRI-3F has internal memory (Onboard Memory) of 500 Test.

It can save up to 500 tests data with serial no, date time, Phase, Ratio, Transformer Connection type, calculated ratio and % deviation.

When connected to Flash Drive/ Pen drive it save data in both Onboard (Internal Memory) and Flash Drive/Pen drive.


Saving Readings to Internal Memory/ Pen drive:


To save data User has to press SAVE button while testing.

Display will show as below –

 Data in Flash Memory/Pen drive save as csv file which is easily openable in excel.

This feature enables user to increase the testing capacity and maintain the testing records.



Back Up Internal Memory (Onboard data to Flash Drive/Pen Drive)

User can take backup of all data save in the internal (Onboard) memory to Flash/Pen drive.

To take backup of data press WRITE button. All data will save in csv file.  Display will show as below –



Recalling previous data on ATRI-3F

User can recall the previous data on ATRI-3F by pressing "RECALL" button.

Display will show as below –


 Si. No can be changed using "UP/DOWN" button.

Pressing "ENTER provides all detailed data on the display for quick review.


(Updated : January 24, 2018)