ATRI-3 Catalog

Model: ATRI-3
Range: 2.00 to 200.0
Accuracy : class 0.1
Ideal for tranformer and motor winding ratio measurement
Auxilliary Power: 230V +/- 20%
Measures and displays Transformer Turns Ratio by using voltage ratio method.
Applying Test Voltage to the Low Voltage winding of a transformer and accurately measures
the resulting voltage from the High Voltage winding. As per ANSI/IEEE C57.12.90
Standard Accessories: 10-meter long wire for three-phase connection on LT and HT sides.
Dimension: 131(H) by 280(W) by 230(depth)
Excitation: 1.8V, 150.0Hz, sine wave. Max.500mA
Fully Automated measurement of Turns Ratio, Excitation current, LT voltage, HT Voltage and polarity
Three Phase Connection enables faster testing
The test voltage is applied by 'PUSH to ON' switch, thus allowing the safety of personnel during connection/disconnection


Automatic Turns ratio Meter
Powered by Auxilliary power supply at nominal 230V.
Ideal for Testing Distribution and Power Transformers
Works for ratios from 5.00 to 200.0
Following Parameters can be observed:
Turns Ratio value
LT Side Voltage
LT Side Current
HT Side voltage
Mode changes from Y-Y to D-Y
The user can connect Three Phase wires at one time, and then turn the knob to check turns ratio for each
phase separately
Accuracy: 0.1 class

(Updated : January 24, 2018)