DPATT-3Bi Catalog

The DPATT-3Bi instrument is indigenously designed and developed by UMA Electronics, to make the testing of Stabilisers,  Transformers ,Motors and other Electrical Machines  Simpler , Faster,  Accurate and  Reliable with its high  performing DSP based circuitry  and user friendly operational features.

The high speed simultaneous sampling of all the channels using 24-bit ADC ensures True RMS measurement of the wide range of input voltage and input current. This instrument displays Voltage, Current, Frequency, Active Power and Power Factor, both phase wise and Total/Average. The measurement is valid at all power factors  and gives accurate results even in the presence of harmonics in the system.

It has two displays, one is Blue moon display for simultaneous display of the related parameters and another is seven segment  display for long distance view.

The keys on the front panel provide navigation of different parameters as well as range selection and Hold facility.

The functionality of the meter is further enhanced with PC interfacing facility through USB Port. The accompanying software is capable of Data Logging, Set Point Alarm, and viewing the Meter Variables in real time on computer using the GUI provided. The data can be saved in SD memory card which can have 10,000 test results.
Model: DPATT-3Bi
Parameters : Voltage ( V) – V1,V2,V3 & Avg. Voltage
Current (A) : I1 , I2 , I3 & Avg. Current
System Frequency : (Hz)
Active Power(W) : W1,W2,W3 & Total Wattage
Power Factor ( CosA¸): PF1, PF2, PF3 & System
Apparent Power ( VA): Total
Measurement : True RMS
Phase Voltage : 3 – 600 V / 10 – 1200V AC
Phase Current : 50mA – 80A AC
System Frequency : 40 to 70 Hz
For Power Factor : 0.05 Lead to unity to 0.05 Lag

Model: DPATT-3Bi

Ideal for transformer testing, motor testing, analysing energy consumption of buildings. Current range: 100mA to 80 A with selector switch

Features :

Input Voltage: 30-600V

Available in current ranges 5 A ,10 A,20A,80A and 200A with inbuilt CT. Accurate over 0.1% to 100% of full-scale current. Power Factor: Works in wide range of power factor, from 0.05 lag to 0.05 lead Accuracy Class 0.20 accuracy Display: 20 X 4 bright blue moon display

Optional Feature: mini-printer with meter

Printer with meter, prints all pages with Serial Number. This printer does not require computer/laptop, and prints all parameters which you can see on the meter directly. Ideal for shop floor and factory environment, where user can print readings instead of noting them down. The printer is a thermal printer, and so does not require any ink/cartridge.Only Thermal paper, which is available commonly.

A sample print taken from printer. .  Printer.See the One Rupee Coin to get an idea of its size.

Printer is optional.

Please mention its requirement while ordering.

(Updated : January 24, 2018)